Fell off the Bandwagon! Crawling back on…

So, I have been bad recently… well not BAD, just not as disciplined as I was being. I find that I have reached a weight that I am very comfortable with and have gotten a bit lax on my diet and my exercise.

I was going to the gym most days, and now I am only actually making it to the gym a few times a week. I have been stepping up my running a bit, but want to get back into the gym more and lift some weights.

My problem?… My trainer (Joe) quite the gym… I was doing Monday/ Wednesday morning trainings, then he switched to evening so my gym buddy and I would go Mon/ Thursday mornings and would train with Joe on Tuesday afternoons…

When my trainer quite I got moved to another trainer, that I like OK, but I had a better rapport with Joe. I am meeting with my new trainer (Jeasen) on Wednesday mornings. This trainer transition also caused my workout buddy (Sandy) to move her workout times to the 7am bootcamp…. Too late for me to make it to work on time. So, long story short I no longer have someone waiting on me in the mornings to force me to get my lazy butt out of bed.

I HAVE been trying to run more and two of my co-workers and I are working towards running a half marathon in December. This has been good for me and I am excited to do a half marathon; but I am also glad I have 4 ½ months still to work up to it. We are doing the Seattle half marathon.


I spent the weekend up at my parent’s condo and took a day trip to Canada. I went on two beautiful runs along the shoreline and walked all over Vancouver. J But I also ate poutine!!! We went to Fritz European Fry House and it was SO good!!


But enough about terrible food I ate this weekend. J

Picture from my run and Canada: