Rough Morning

I am having a rough time this morning.

First I wake up fighting with my alarm, the alarm won.

Then I have this massive zit right on my lip line. I have been trying really hard not to touch it or pick/pop it as I knew as soon as I did it would get all red and look like a nasty cold sore. L This morning it was ready to burst, so I popped it. Now my lip is sore and is all read and nasty.

As I am getting dressed this morning I can’t find a bra anywhere… seriously I turned my room upside down looking for a stupid bra and nothing… so I had to go to work with a sports bra on…

I get to work and start working through my emails; I get up to get my daily cup of coffee and the previous person took the last of the coffee and didn’t feel compelled to start a new pot. So Now I am waiting for more coffee to brew…

These are all little things that are adding up to a cranky morning.

But on the plus side I am going to the Seahawks game tonight with my BF. I know it’s only preseason, but it’s still a good time!!!!

Now that I have the negativity out of the way now I will end this post with three positive things right now:

1)      My family, friends, and I are all healthy and happy.

2)      My boyfriend should be signing papers to close on his new house tomorrow.

3)      I went for a good four mile run yesterday!



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