Simply insanity

I started Insanity on Thursday with the fit test.

Friday I went on an (almost) free date night with my boyfriend. We had a gift certificate that covered all of 7 dollars of dinner (including tip). WE had free tickets for an improve show and got free popcorn as well. 🙂

Saturday I did two insanity workouts, the one that was scheduled for day 2 (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) and day 3 (Cardio Power and Resistance). I did two workouts in one day because I missed the Friday workout and I don’t want to start this program off behind schedule. 

The first picture if after the first workout, then I took a short break and did the second workout. I felt good, but tired for sure!



Yesterday (Sunday) I did the Cardio Recovery workout and boy of boy did that feel nice. It was primarily stretching and I think if it had been a full workout I would not have made it…



I am sore today and am walking around the office a little like a lamb who is learning to walk for the first time, but will do Pure Cardio workout when I get home!

Wish me luck!


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