Sticking with the Insanity

First of all I have to give a big shout out to my boyfriend; he has been doing some sort of physical exercise every day for the last week! That is a huge accomplishment for him!!! I think all my working out and healthy eating is starting to rub off on him and he wants to be healthier.

I have been (for the most part) sticking to the insanity schedule. I have to admit that after the Seahawks game on Saturday, I took Sunday off to recover… ok, ok, being honest I took Monday off too… turns out that I cannot hold my beer like I used to.

Below are my more recent pictures from insanity adventure. 



Thank goodness for rest day

Today is Day 7 of my insanity 60 day challenge. Today is Rest day!!!

I actually feel really good today… The initial soreness has worn off and feel like I could do a good workout today, but it’s nice to have a day off anyway.

I am clipping my coupons and heading to the grocery store to load up on some healthier options.

I think I am going to get a short run in today as, but if it doesn’t happen I won’t stress it.

For reference, below is the Insanity calendar. 


Simply insanity

I started Insanity on Thursday with the fit test.

Friday I went on an (almost) free date night with my boyfriend. We had a gift certificate that covered all of 7 dollars of dinner (including tip). WE had free tickets for an improve show and got free popcorn as well. 🙂

Saturday I did two insanity workouts, the one that was scheduled for day 2 (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) and day 3 (Cardio Power and Resistance). I did two workouts in one day because I missed the Friday workout and I don’t want to start this program off behind schedule. 

The first picture if after the first workout, then I took a short break and did the second workout. I felt good, but tired for sure!



Yesterday (Sunday) I did the Cardio Recovery workout and boy of boy did that feel nice. It was primarily stretching and I think if it had been a full workout I would not have made it…



I am sore today and am walking around the office a little like a lamb who is learning to walk for the first time, but will do Pure Cardio workout when I get home!

Wish me luck!

Insanity Fitness- or am I just insane?

Ok, so as a super cliché start to a new year I am recommitting to blogging on a regular basis.

I have let my fitness and food go through the Holidays… I ran a half marathon on December 1st with a 2:12 time! I felt really good about my time as my goal was to do it in 2 ½ hours. After the half though, I stopped working out at all until the start of this week…

I decided I needed to recommit to working out and eating healthy when I was getting dressed and saw a muffin top hanging over my pants that I thought I had gotten rid of over the last year +.

I am starting the Insanity Challenge. I took before pictures below (warning: they are not pretty, but they are honest!)


The good, the bad, the drunky.

Weekend highlights: 

  1. Got to relax- Discovered an Awesome spa
  2. Marathoned the entire season of “Orange is the new Black”, and all I can say DANG!!!!
  3. Went to the Seahawks game (Well that was on Thursday, but close to the weekend.)
  4. Completed my 8 mile long run.

Weekend low points:

  1. Drank on Friday and Saturday- felt like CRUD on Sunday
  2. Ate everything in my path- and my path took me to a lot of food!
  3. Didn’t exercise on Friday/Saturday/ or Sunday

Boy howdy was this weekend the epitome of a cheat weekend!!! I ate like crap, drank a ton, and didn’t do shit!

Lately I have been feeling like every spare moment of my time is packed full of something. Everyone I know is getting married and that means every weekend I spend going to a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or a wedding. If I don’t have something wedding related, then it is something else…. Just every moment has been busy. Usually I like keeping busy, but I was feeling a bit drained, especially with trying to keep up with my ½ marathon training.

So when my boyfriend told me he was going to be busy all weekend and I didn’t have any plans on the books I was resolved to do a whole lot of nothing!!!!

To explain my weekend I feel like I need to break it down, starting on Thursday.

Thursday: My boyfriend has season tickets to the Seahawks so I usually get to go to several games a year, my first game of the year was Thursday’s preseason game.

I had forgotten about the new NFL bag rule, so I left my purse at work and just took my keys, phone, ID, and bus pass to the game. SO I kept feeling like I was forgetting something important, you know, like my purse.

The game was fun, as Seahawks games are.


Friday: Woke up in the AM to go to work.  I left the house feeling like I was forgetting something important. Decided that it was just because I didn’t have my purse, you know… because it was still in my drawer at work.

Got on the bus….. Nope, it was my phone… I was forgetting my phone. Well shit. It’s a bit pathetic how lost I feel without that silly little device.

This week is one of my favorite co-workers last week at work, so we all went out for drinks after work.

I decided it was my responsibility to celebrate in winning fashion. So I did! I had two shots and 2… maybe 3 three mixed drinks in the span of, oh, maybe 2 hours.

Then I met my boyfriend for dinner. I decided it was a good idea to order a GIANT plate of nachos, with all the fixings and bacon mac and cheese. Because nothing says a balanced mean like cheese and more cheese.

I took the bus back to the park and ride after eating some food and sobering up. The park and ride is about 2 miles from my house. Got off the bus….. Left my keys at work. That feeling that I was forgetting something, that wasn’t just my phone…..

That’s right, in the same day I left my phone at home and my keys at work. Go me!

Walked home, because I couldn’t even call someone to come pick me up…

Saturday: Woke up. Called my parents (as they have my spare key). They were up at their condo for the day which meant I was without a car… My brother took all three of my nieces up to the Condo as well for the weekend leaving the house to my sister in law and I…

Not to worry. I have a key to my parents’ house! But the key is in the glove box… of my car…

Because I didn’t have a car to do anything else, I tagged along on my sister in laws day. We went to a spa in Lynnwood. I got an awesome facial (get your head out of the gutter you pervert).

We then went over to her college buddies house and watched the cougars, coug it! Started drinking… decided that we need to go to the local dive bar and got sloppy drunk! Sang some karaoke and wound up with three new T-Shirts. The three of us, my sister in law, her friend, and I ended up “walking” home.

Sunday: Woke up feeling like a dog had shit in my brain. I can NOT hang like I used to.

I ended up eating a delicious breakfast sandwich from Patty’s egg nest for breakfast. (Ended up… like I had no control over it… I knew what I was doing, but it was oh so good!!! And probably the only thing that would stay down!)

Then I started watching “Orange is the new Black” I know I am late to this party, but holy cow was it crazy!!! I totally recommend! Then I finished watching “Orange is the new Black”…. As in I watched the whole season in one day…

That’s right ~13 hours of TV in one day… The only time I left the house (or the couch for that matter) was to go get Gyros.

Monday: Ok…. So maybe this whole weekend shouldn’t be a total waste… so I woke up got my running gear on and run my longest run to date…. 8 miles! I had a slower split time, but I wanted to make sure I was pacing myself so I could maintain for the whole distance. It took me 1Hr 22min to do the whole run… that is with stopping to pee, because I thought it better to stop than piss my pants.

Then I went and walked around the beach with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while.

Below are picture from my run on Monday and the beach… there are not a lot of other pictures from my weekend as I hardly left the house. 


Rough Morning

I am having a rough time this morning.

First I wake up fighting with my alarm, the alarm won.

Then I have this massive zit right on my lip line. I have been trying really hard not to touch it or pick/pop it as I knew as soon as I did it would get all red and look like a nasty cold sore. L This morning it was ready to burst, so I popped it. Now my lip is sore and is all read and nasty.

As I am getting dressed this morning I can’t find a bra anywhere… seriously I turned my room upside down looking for a stupid bra and nothing… so I had to go to work with a sports bra on…

I get to work and start working through my emails; I get up to get my daily cup of coffee and the previous person took the last of the coffee and didn’t feel compelled to start a new pot. So Now I am waiting for more coffee to brew…

These are all little things that are adding up to a cranky morning.

But on the plus side I am going to the Seahawks game tonight with my BF. I know it’s only preseason, but it’s still a good time!!!!

Now that I have the negativity out of the way now I will end this post with three positive things right now:

1)      My family, friends, and I are all healthy and happy.

2)      My boyfriend should be signing papers to close on his new house tomorrow.

3)      I went for a good four mile run yesterday!



People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily. –Zig Ziglar

Feeling like a need a little motivation today, so I turned to the internet 🙂 I found this quote and suites me well. I have to keep reminding myself to find new motivations (or even just remember my old motivations).